Somerset County Federation of WIs (SCFWI) consists of approximately 3000 members and 115 Institutes, being one of the larger federations, combining the best of the past with the knowledge of the present, whilst looking for the innovative bright ideas of the future.

SCFWI recently moved to new headquarters in Bridgwater. This is the administrative centre for the Board of Trustees, the Sub-Committees, WI Advisors and welcoming office staff. Their contact details are, address: 344 Bristol Road, Bridgwater, TA6 4BU, telephone number: 01278 496400, email: 

Each SCFWI sub-committee offers a range of opportunities:

Art Craft and Cookery: Offers craft instruction with everything from silk painting, painting with pastels, crochet, knitting and card making, and of course cookery demos and courses.

Education: This sub-committee hosts educational courses.

Food and Garden: Organises WI Flower Show and Garden visits.

Public Affairs: Arranges visits to hospitals, police custody suites and solar farms to name but a few.  Anyone who has ideas for visits, please let the Bridgwater headquarters know and they will always be considered.

Sports and Leisure: Offers everything from a day at the races to theatre visits, taking in canoeing, archery, croquet and many more.

Events and Fundraising: Offers everything from literary lunches, fashion shows to musical tribute nights.

All these events are advertised in the monthly newsletter County News which also offers information about the committees and projects.

For information about the Somerset County Federation of WIs, click here